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Hamilton Creek
Hamilton Creek is located about 2-1/2 miles north of I-70 exit 205
at Silverthorne, Colorado. Incorporated in 1986, there are 121
lots, 99 of which have been improved. Primary homes account for
57% of the total; 40% are second homes. At the present time
there are no homes under construction.
Hamilton Creek Association
The Hamilton Creek Association is a Colorado non-profit corporation
comprised of all the site owners in Hamilton Creek.  It was
established for the benefit of all members with the objective of
establishing and maintaining Hamilton Creek with the highest
possible quality and value and enhancing and protecting its value,
desirability and attractiveness.  The association, through the elected
and governing board, is empowered to manage, control, operate,
maintain, repair and improve the common open space.  It is also
responsible for the enforcement of covenants, restrictions and
conditions affecting the community and is authorized to make and
enforce rules and regulations governing the use of property within the
Hamilton Creek Metro District
What the Metro district is and what it does.
Link to the Metro District website:
Hamilton Creek Metro District
9th Hole at The Raven Golf Course